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At last ...

After a mere 12 years or so of talking about it, our website has finally gone live.

There have been two things that have always been a stumbling block in the past.  Firstly we wanted a website that reflected the experience of shopping in iota, and an off-the-shelf e-commerence package simply wasn't what we had in mind.  But a lot of questing around and a few false starts finally led us to Rob Gwilliam, a brilliant designer who has managed to produce a site which captures the essence of iota - including the Curious page, which is intended for those who like to wander round the shop stumbling across products at random.

The second obstacle to iota having a webshop has been our worry that the fulfilment would let us down.  There's no point having a lovely site selling lovely stuff if you can't actually get it out to customers when they need it.  The solution to this second problem is Gill, our brilliant fulfilment manager and human dynamo whose job it is to make sure everything goes out perfectly every time (and other stuff, which she also does really well!).

So having overcome both those hurdles, here it is: a website which we hope is as appealing and as irresistible as the bricks and mortar iota.  We hope you like it, and come back often as the stock will constantly change.  And if you have any comments, suggestions or cirticisms, please use the contact form or e-mail us at

At last ...