Miho Plastic Deer Heads

Price: 35.00

A brilliantly bold take on trophy heads, these plastic deer heads are not only cruelty free but also ethically sound as they are made from recycled plastic. They come in 5 gorgeous colours, they would make a great addition to any room! 


Inspired by Italian antique printing scrrrens these decorations arrive flat in sheet form. Just pop the pieces out and follow the very simple instructions. The pieces just click together and are held securely using little rubber rings, no glue or tools are required; it only takes a a few minutes to lock together.


Designed in Italy and manufactured in Germany


Size:  H 39,5 x W 30 x D 37 cm

Material: Polypropylene


Colours available 


Coconut (White)

Green Apple ( Green)

Absinthe (Teal)

Blueberry (Lilac)

Liquorice (Black)

Marshmallow (Mint Green) 


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