Aery Bonsai Tree Scented Candle

The Bonsai Tree Candle by Aery celebrates the ritual and joy of tending to a zen garden. Filled with green woody notes and hints of bright citrus, this oriental-inspired candle is a beautiful accompaniment to moments of calm and flow.


Strength: Medium

Fragrance Style: Woody

Scent Notes: Birch Sap, Balsam, Grass, Orange, Petitgrain, Wood, Yuzu

Wax: Soy Wax

Wick: Cotton Wick

Approximate Duration: 45hrs

Suitable For Vegans: Yes

Weight: 200g

Aery Bonsai Tree Scented Candle

    • Natural Fragrances 
    • Clean, sustainable European GMO-free soy wax with lead-free cotton wicks 
    • Plastic-free & vegan 
    • Recyclable glass vessel and responsible packaging
    • Made in England