An Illustrated Guide to Helping the World's Best-Loved Insect


We need bees. We rely on them not only to pollinate our planet but to sweeten our lives with the fruits of their labours. These tiny hardworking insects have transformed our lives with their quiet dilligence: fertilising the wild plants we rely on, and giving us thousands of years of sugary pleasure.


But bees are in danger. Across the planet, bee numbers are plummeting. Honey bees, fat, fluffy bumblebees and key species of solitary bees are disappearing from our gardens, fields and wild spaces.


We can do something if we act now. In The Bee Bible, bestselling author Sally Coulthard shows us fifty ways we can all save the bees. Whether you garden for bees, campaign for bees, or just learn a wee bit of bee-whispering, little things can make a big difference. Just ask a bee.

The Bee Bible: 50 Ways to Keep Bees Buzzing

  • Size: 17.4 x 1.8 x 13.7 cm

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