The Redstone Diary 2021: Diary of Everyday Pleasures

This year, as always, the Redstone Diary picks a theme, sets a tone, and leads you into the future. This year they invite you, very simply, to take PLEASURE.


Turn on, tune in, kick back, slow down, and discover once again the vast realms of contentment and bliss. Join us on a journey with Pierre Bonnard, Iris Murdoch, Cynthia Payne, August Rodin, Ed Ruscha, James Salter and Wolfgang Tillmans – you’ll find extraordinary experiences here, as well as everyday pleasures.


From the satisfactions of the flesh to the uplift of the spirit, from complete relaxation to vigorous exertion, from pets to pet hates, and from wild fantasy to consoling routine, let the Redstone Diary guide you through another year. Among these pages, and in the days ahead, great pleasures await.


Edited by Julian Rothenstein and Ian Sansom

The Redstone Diary 2021: Diary of Everyday Pleasures

    • Diary: 160 pages
    • Size: 24.5cm x 16.7cm