Wordsmithery: The Game for Every Wordsmith, Young or Old

A game for every wordsmith: Do you really know the meaning of the words egregious, phalanx, and salubrious? Guess the meanings of words that people pretend to know… but don’t.

On you or your team’s turn, you will be given a word to define. Gain extra points for defining it correctly before hearing the options presented, or choose one of the three possible meanings given to you.

Prove yourselves the most eloquent amongst your friends and family!


Wordsmithery is a family friendly game for all ages. Included in the box, in addition to the 600 words for adults, are 100 words for younger players aged between 7 and 13, meaning that everyone can get involved! Ages 7+, 2+ players.

Wordsmithery: The Game for Every Wordsmith, Young or Old

  • Product Dimensions: 17.4 x 10.2 x 11.6 cm

    Product Weight: 940 Grams

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